If Marcus Aurelius Were A Doctor

When a man kisses his child, said Epictetus, he should whisper to himself, "To-morrow perchance thou wilt die."- But those are words of bad omen.- "No word is a word of bad omen," said Epictetus, "which expresses any work of nature; or if it is so, it is also a word of bad omen to… Continue reading If Marcus Aurelius Were A Doctor

Flame Vs Fire

Some people have a little flame that goes off from time to time:  A moment of inspiration or a burst of enthusiasm.  However, these flames are often too fragile and the smallest breath of wind ends up extinguishing their flame. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/bhvjfC5qenQ/maxresdefault.jpg Others have a fire.  A raging fire that can't be controlled or hampered in… Continue reading Flame Vs Fire