How To Evaluate Business Ideas

First off, I'd just like to mention that ideas are worthless.  Anyone can have an idea - it doesn't mean a thing.  Execution of the idea is king. If I went to Elon Musk and gave him a rubbish idea, I can guarantee that he would make it into a million (if not a billion!) dollar business. If… Continue reading How To Evaluate Business Ideas

Self Awareness

You've been given a hand to play with.  There is no point in dwelling on your inherent nature or your perceived shortcomings. If you're less patient than others, you can get things done quicker. If you're short-tempered, you can harness your discontent to propel you forward. If you're opinionated, you can make yourself be heard… Continue reading Self Awareness

Who Is The Market? Use Your Insight.

The market are the people/businesses who will give you money for your product. Obvious right? Except it's not and it is easily overlooked by many. Say you've made a new artificial knee which you believe is different or better in some way to the existing artificial knees currently used.  Who would you sell this to? … Continue reading Who Is The Market? Use Your Insight.