Startup Lies Part III – “We’ve Been Mentioned In TechCrunch!!!”

Every time you go to a tech blog, visit TechCrunch or go to Twitter you'll see a barrage of stories about how someone is going to "disrupt" healthcare, or "shakeup" transportation. And then.......NOTHING! In recent years we have started to see more and more information about companies which have made huge promises but have ended… Continue reading Startup Lies Part III – “We’ve Been Mentioned In TechCrunch!!!”


Startup Lies Part II – “Work For Us, Because We Give Unlimited Vacation Time! Also, Have Some Free Pizza!”

Startups evoke images of a type of "freedom" you wouldn't otherwise experience in a normal job. There is of course a lot of truth to this. Startups allow you to tackle an overlooked or undervalued problem. It allows you to tackle the problem via unorthodox means. If you are an employee at a startup then… Continue reading Startup Lies Part II – “Work For Us, Because We Give Unlimited Vacation Time! Also, Have Some Free Pizza!”

Startup Lies Part I – “I Need Capital”

The solution to many problems, whether in life or in building a startup seems to be capital. A lack of capital, the thinking goes is the reason you don't have customers, the reason no one has heard of you, the reason you can't build a feature in your software or why you can't even start… Continue reading Startup Lies Part I – “I Need Capital”

The 2X Rule

Everyone thinks that their body fat percentage is lower than it actually is.  If you think you only need to lose 10 pounds to get to around 12% body fat and show off those abs, then it's likely you actually need to lose 20 pounds.  It will take you twice as long as you thought… Continue reading The 2X Rule

It’s Neither Either Nor Or

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. It never ceases to amaze me how few people are genuinely intellectually curious about ideas. This becomes painfully obvious when you discuss startup ideas with people.  Most people don't like ideas, particularly of the new variety.  So they instinctively go through a list of… Continue reading It’s Neither Either Nor Or

Entrepreneurs Create Change, Customers Buy Solutions

"We already have a way of doing that" This single sentence has taken entrepreneurs and change makers to the edge of their sanity.  No matter what you have created, no matter how great your product or service you will likely hear this dreaded phrase. Even incredibly successful companies once faced this type of scepticism.  "Why… Continue reading Entrepreneurs Create Change, Customers Buy Solutions

Caring Matters

The chef who goes to the market every day, does it as a matter of personal pride because he really cares. The baker who gets up at 5am to bake fresh bread, does it because he really cares about the classical way of baking bread. The doctor who works overtime does it because she really cares… Continue reading Caring Matters

You & Your Organisation Should Always Be Changing

Most of us nowadays do knowledge work.  This is the type of work which doesn't need much physical strength, but relies more on mental ability. People who carry out knowledge work gain more knowledge as they do their work.  Therefore as new knowledge accumulates the nature of the original work continually changes. There are a… Continue reading You & Your Organisation Should Always Be Changing

The Same Kind Of Average

In school or university, most people are average (by definition) and most people want to be like each other. Interestingly enough most people who go out and accomplish big things aren't necessarily below average, average or even above average when compared to other people in a traditional setting. The difference is that these people don't… Continue reading The Same Kind Of Average