The 2X Rule

Everyone thinks that their body fat percentage is lower than it actually is.  If you think you only need to lose 10 pounds to get to around 12% body fat and show off those abs, then it's likely you actually need to lose 20 pounds.  It will take you twice as long as you thought… Continue reading The 2X Rule


What It’s Like To Start A Business

I received a letter from a fellow healthcare worker the other day. She wrote to me regarding a patient of mine, demanding that I "do something".  Her letter was, to be quite honest, rude and uncalled for.  She knew very well that I had already seen the patient, assessed the patient correctly and that the… Continue reading What It’s Like To Start A Business

Fiber Intake Rules!

MyFitnessPal - Get this app! If you are trying to lose weight, gain weight, maintain weight then this app is a must.  Tracking calories and macronutrients are key to achieving your fitness goals. I will talk about macronutrients, what they are and what the significance of having each in your diet is in the future. … Continue reading Fiber Intake Rules!