What Nick Jonas Can Teach You About Goals

Before I learnt to play the guitar I had no idea that you could teach yourself something from scratch with no help whatsoever. You don't need a teacher, you don't need any books, you don't need the "Dummy's Guide", you don't need anything... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17bzj6uudG4 Acoustic Version of "She Wolf", by Megadeth The way I learnt… Continue reading What Nick Jonas Can Teach You About Goals

Screw That! Do The Opposite!!

Apple it seems, is a bit greedy.  They want you to ditch your old iPhone for a shinier, new version.  They do this by pushing updates that reduce the battery life of older iPhone's and make them run slower. The other day I saw a classic Rolls Royce drive past me. It was a thing… Continue reading Screw That! Do The Opposite!!

You Are Not A Red Zebra

Isn't it strange how zebra's stand out so much? Shouldn't they have evolved to be a sort of brown colour?  Like the lion, so that they would blend in with their environment and not get eaten? Interestingly enough when scientists were studying zebra's, they found it awfully hard to keep track of which zebra was… Continue reading You Are Not A Red Zebra

Are You “Job-ifying”?

"Job-ifying" is a game that people play. The game consists of the following: Comparing your clothes to others Comparing who has the biggest car Comparing who has the biggest house Finding out who to please at work to get a "promotion" Gossiping and spreading rumors about people you don't like Comparing how big your pay… Continue reading Are You “Job-ifying”?

It’s All Good

Learn to say "good"no matter what and I guarantee your life will improve. Your diet isn't going as well as you hoped. Good, it means you can lift heavier weights for longer. The development of your app is going slower than you thought. Good, it means you have longer to get it just right. You… Continue reading It’s All Good