It’s Neither Either Nor Or

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

It never ceases to amaze me how few people are genuinely intellectually curious about ideas.

This becomes painfully obvious when you discuss startup ideas with people.  Most people don’t like ideas, particularly of the new variety.  So they instinctively go through a list of reasons an idea doesn’t make sense or won’t work.

However, smarter people do the opposite:  They try to figure out all the ways the idea could work.  When it comes to startup ideas, trying to figure out how far the idea could go if it were executed perfectly and with a bit of luck is the key.

Another problem.

Most people think too simplistically about most ideas.  They think like a robot; “if this one tiny aspect of the idea is wrong then the whole thing is moot” they say to themselves.  They act as if they live in a giant javascript “if statement”:

if (this tiny little things != true) {return fail}else{return meh}

But the point is that we don’t live in a computer programme.  Very few things apart from pure mathematical theorems return absolutely true and absolutely false results.  The fact is that it’s possible to be a bit right.  And being a bit right can often lead to massively successful businesses.

So two lessons; i) You don’t have to be completely right and ii) figuring out what the best case scenarios are and how to get there is key.


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