The Right Size

Why is it that no one ever says that Cambridge University should "scale" to serve more people or "disrupt" the education system*?  Does anyone really think that Cambridge University should start a "franchise" and open up shop all across England or America? Why is it then that when people look at their own businesses "growth" and… Continue reading The Right Size


*Scaling Cambridge University

Why doesn't Cambridge University scale and open up in different parts of the country?  Modern technology would allow all lectures to be uploaded to YouTube and the curriculum could also be uploaded for everyone to read in a pdf format. When I was in medical school I had a sneaking suspicion that my University actually… Continue reading *Scaling Cambridge University

You Are Not A Red Zebra

Isn't it strange how zebra's stand out so much? Shouldn't they have evolved to be a sort of brown colour?  Like the lion, so that they would blend in with their environment and not get eaten? Interestingly enough when scientists were studying zebra's, they found it awfully hard to keep track of which zebra was… Continue reading You Are Not A Red Zebra

Avoid The Tourist Trap

A great meal in Paris... One of the best things about spending a week in Paris is getting to experience some really great food. A simple way of knowing if a place is worth visiting is by simply walking inside and listening carefully to the customers. Are they speaking French? If they are, then you'll… Continue reading Avoid The Tourist Trap