*Scaling Cambridge University

Why doesn’t Cambridge University scale and open up in different parts of the country?  Modern technology would allow all lectures to be uploaded to YouTube and the curriculum could also be uploaded for everyone to read in a pdf format.

When I was in medical school I had a sneaking suspicion that my University actually wasn’t doing much….  I spent most of my time at University reading textbooks.  Textbooks which anyone could buy off of Amazon.

I then sat an exam which culminated in all the professors wearing funny hats and handing me a piece of paper (some call it a diploma), which allowed me to practice medicine.

Here’s the thing.  Universities often claim that they do a lot for their students.  They claim that only they can impart the knowledge and wisdom needed to get good jobs.  They claim that by going to their University, you will be better off and smarter for it.

I smell BS.

  1. If Universities really do impart special knowledge which magically makes you smarter then surely Cambridge University should scale.  Why would you deprive the wider population the opportunity to get smarter?
  2. Universities say they don’t accept just anyone – you must have the right grades to get in.  But by saying this they are essentially admitting that they can’t make people smarter.

When I was in University, I was surrounded by smart people.  But, that wasn’t because of the University at all.

Let’s face it, the whole University system is an excuse to wear funny hats from time to time.


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