Michelin Star Chef Goes Out Of Business!

He spread himself too thin, gave away all his cooking secrets in his TV shows and cookbooks and was too generous with his criticism to improve food in the UK.  As a result he had nothing left to say, no more new recipes to cook and disappeared into obscurity. Of course none of this is… Continue reading Michelin Star Chef Goes Out Of Business!


Have You Ever Found Yourself Driving Down A One-Way Road?

Most of the time when you turn in to a one-way road, you know it's one-way as soon as you turn in. The worst kind of one-way roads are those that look like normal roads for a long time.  These roads always take you to a place where you don't want to be. Hiring too… Continue reading Have You Ever Found Yourself Driving Down A One-Way Road?

Life By A Thousand Cuts

Creating something authentic is always such a surprisingly painful experience. Why is it that so many creators, from Vincent van Gogh to Kurt Cobain, suffered with such severe depression? They experienced so much pain that they ultimately took their own lives. Perhaps there is a disconnect between how creators see the world and how most… Continue reading Life By A Thousand Cuts

How To Win Business And Influence Everyone

But we already have a way of doing that But we don't have the time or money to train our staff to use your product But no one else is doing it this way But... But... But... Yes, I've heard all the "buts" a million times.  So how do you, as an entrepreneur or change… Continue reading How To Win Business And Influence Everyone

Are You Stupid, Mature Or Brave?

The only thing between where you are now and where you want to be are a series of hurdles. Few people overcome these hurdles to reach the goal. Few people push through to become the person they want to become. Stupid people start something while full well knowing, from the very beginning, that they're never… Continue reading Are You Stupid, Mature Or Brave?