Hater’s Gonna’ Hate

There's something repulsive about professional critics.  Whether it's a music critic or a food critic I hate them. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. There's something obscene about a creator busting their ass off to make something special, only to be judged and critiqued by a no good for nothing… Continue reading Hater’s Gonna’ Hate


Life By A Thousand Cuts

Creating something authentic is always such a surprisingly painful experience. Why is it that so many creators, from Vincent van Gogh to Kurt Cobain, suffered with such severe depression? They experienced so much pain that they ultimately took their own lives. Perhaps there is a disconnect between how creators see the world and how most… Continue reading Life By A Thousand Cuts

Keep Creating

Campbell's Soup I (1968) Andy Warhol's first show in Los Angeles was a disaster. One or two of his soup cans were sold, but the gallery owner bought them back. The owner said that he wanted to keep Andy's work together as a collection.  He was one of the only people that actually liked his… Continue reading Keep Creating