Entrepreneurs Create Change, Customers Buy Solutions

"We already have a way of doing that" This single sentence has taken entrepreneurs and change makers to the edge of their sanity.  No matter what you have created, no matter how great your product or service you will likely hear this dreaded phrase. Even incredibly successful companies once faced this type of scepticism.  "Why… Continue reading Entrepreneurs Create Change, Customers Buy Solutions


What Your Mother Can Teach You About Sales

(Before I tell you this story, I would just like to say a big thank you to my mother.  She's really an amazing woman and this is just one of the many indirect lessons she has taught me over the years.) I had a crisis of confidence before I started medical school.  I nearly didn't… Continue reading What Your Mother Can Teach You About Sales

How To Win Business And Influence Everyone

But we already have a way of doing that But we don't have the time or money to train our staff to use your product But no one else is doing it this way But... But... But... Yes, I've heard all the "buts" a million times.  So how do you, as an entrepreneur or change… Continue reading How To Win Business And Influence Everyone