Welcome To Entrepreneurship

Everyone is one Google search away from getting the information that they need, to start doing work that matters. What is unfortunate though, is that lot of information isn't a Google search away.  There's a lot of stuff in business that people don't write or talk about. When I meet other entrepreneurs, we talk about… Continue reading Welcome To Entrepreneurship


Ignorance Is Strength

I was reading some George Orwell and I came across this quote: "In our society, those who have the best knowledge of what is happening are also those who are furthest from seeing the world as it is. In general, the greater the understanding, the greater the delusion; the more intelligent, the less sane."  These… Continue reading Ignorance Is Strength

Which Bit Matters?

I just left the Clinical Entrepreneur Pit Stop Event, ran by NHS Innovation (I'll do a full write up soon!), but it was incredibly useful getting feedback from seasoned entrepreneurs and pioneers as usual. This pit stop talked a lot about how to fund raise from VCs, Angels as well as creating partnerships with different… Continue reading Which Bit Matters?

Creating Tension

Michael Schrage has written about what great organisations do. And his term for it is: "Who do you want your customers to become?" I think this is similar to asking "what change do you want to make?". Harley Davidson is an amazing brand, worth billions of dollars.  Not because they make the best bikes in… Continue reading Creating Tension

NHS Startup Part XVI – Thoughts On Integration

As integration with some of the large NHS IT suppliers comes closer and closer I am thinking more and more in-depth about what is the best way forward. Integration when I first started my business seemed to be the holy grail!  It seemed to be the panacea to all of my problems.  However, as it… Continue reading NHS Startup Part XVI – Thoughts On Integration

NHS Startup Part XV – “It’s Up To Us Now.”

We launched a new phase of our app for our patients and Primary Care services this week.  The build for this phase was huge and we have been steadily working on it for the previous four months (designing, building, testing, messing up ad nauseum). I think we've really nailed what we intended to do.  As… Continue reading NHS Startup Part XV – “It’s Up To Us Now.”

Epic Rant – The Maiden And The Hare

I was going through my subscribed list on WordPress the other day and noticed that most bloggers I followed have stopped blogging after only a few posts. Three questions spring to mind: I wonder if these bloggers would quit if they had tens of thousands of followers and likes on their posts? I wonder if… Continue reading Epic Rant – The Maiden And The Hare