Welcome To Entrepreneurship

Everyone is one Google search away from getting the information that they need, to start doing work that matters.

What is unfortunate though, is that lot of information isn’t a Google search away.  There’s a lot of stuff in business that people don’t write or talk about.

When I meet other entrepreneurs, we talk about things between ourselves that we wouldn’t ever dare utter in public, or write about in a public space.

I suppose the reason we don’t speak about certain things in public is simply because it would be too controversial and no one can be bothered to deal with the consequences.  I imagine this is the same reason why parents lie to their children when they start asking those difficult questions.  It’s just easier not to tell the truth.

This really sucks for anyone who wants to read about or learn about entrepreneurship passively from the back seat.

The unfortunate reality is that you can only really learn about entrepreneurship by sitting at the front, behind the steering wheel.  Don’t know how to drive?  Don’t know where you’re going?  That means you’re doing it right.  Welcome to entrepreneurship.


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