I find it really interesting how rules and regulations often stop people from doing important work.  Everyone knows how it often stands in the way of justice, of positive change and innovation. Looking at countries instead of organisations is an interesting thought experiment.  The countries which have the longest democratic history are the countries with… Continue reading Regulations

Disruption Looks Like A Toy

When the first iPhone was released it was flown over to Nokia headquarters.  One of the divisions in Nokia had already been working on a similar product and was asking for some more money to develop it further.  One of the executives held the iPhone up and asked the fatal rhetorical question: "What's their market share?"… Continue reading Disruption Looks Like A Toy

Make It Count

Easy Wins Don't Count If someone gets the grades by cheating or gets that promotion because their dad is the boss then it doesn't count.  They know it and everyone else knows it.  What's more, because they didn't earn it they have no character, integrity or insight.  They haven't learnt how to work with people, how to bring… Continue reading Make It Count

The Process

People focus on events. Whether it's when someone sells their company for tens of millions, or when someone wins gold at the Olympics, or when someone graduates from a prestigious University with a good degree; people focus on the event. What they don't focus on is the process. The process is the hours of work, of… Continue reading The Process

How To Evaluate Business Ideas

First off, I'd just like to mention that ideas are worthless.  Anyone can have an idea - it doesn't mean a thing.  Execution of the idea is king. If I went to Elon Musk and gave him a rubbish idea, I can guarantee that he would make it into a million (if not a billion!) dollar business. If… Continue reading How To Evaluate Business Ideas

Self Awareness

You've been given a hand to play with.  There is no point in dwelling on your inherent nature or your perceived shortcomings. If you're less patient than others, you can get things done quicker. If you're short-tempered, you can harness your discontent to propel you forward. If you're opinionated, you can make yourself be heard… Continue reading Self Awareness