Make It Count

Easy Wins Don’t Count

If someone gets the grades by cheating or gets that promotion because their dad is the boss then it doesn’t count.  They know it and everyone else knows it.  What’s more, because they didn’t earn it they have no character, integrity or insight.  They haven’t learnt how to work with people, how to bring out the best in people and lead them.

It doesn’t count.

Easy Failures Don’t Count

Did you really fail?  Or did you give up?

Real failures mean something.

It means you gave it your all.  You put your character, integrity and insight on the line.  Real failure means you worked with people and they gave you the best they could.  They dedicated a part of their life to you because they believed in you as you lead them to failure.

Unless you’ve done the above then you don’t have the right to say that you failed.

If you’ve done the above, then it counts and you can keep your head held high.


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