What Your Mother Can Teach You About Sales

(Before I tell you this story, I would just like to say a big thank you to my mother.  She's really an amazing woman and this is just one of the many indirect lessons she has taught me over the years.) I had a crisis of confidence before I started medical school.  I nearly didn't… Continue reading What Your Mother Can Teach You About Sales

“Mind The Gap”

"Please mind the gap". It's a phrase that is announced over and over again on the London Underground. When I was a child I would avoid "the gap" at all costs. It was a terrifying idea; falling into "the gap" would surely result in immediate death...or worse...having to come face to face with some kind… Continue reading “Mind The Gap”

Are Your E-Mails Making You Look Like A Douche Bag?

Why is it that when we receive E-Mails from large organisations there is a threatening message attached to the bottom? Here is an image of an E-Mail I received when I used to work as a doctor in the Emergency Department: No doubt this footer was cooked up by a room full of overpaid lawyers… Continue reading Are Your E-Mails Making You Look Like A Douche Bag?