Still Or Sparkling?

When you’re asked at a restaurant if you would like “still or sparkling water?”, what do you say?

Often we do things in a certain way without asking why. It starts off innocently enough in school. We get shown how to tie our shoes the tried and tested way, so that we don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel every time we are presented with a new problem.

But it starts to become a problem when we stop realising that it’s ok to not do things the “tried and tested way”. After a while we become completely blind to different ways of doing things. We forget to ask why things are done the way they are and as a result we stop ourselves from breaking the status quo and creating meaningful work.

A little known fact; the waiter asks you if you would like”still or sparkling”, because then you won’t say “tap water”. They trick you into thinking that there are only two options.

Another little known fact; you’re probably not tying your shoe laces properly:

So the question becomes; are you avoiding doing something meaningful because you’ve become blind to the opportunities all around you?

Or worse. Are you blind to the amazing contribution that you can surely bring to your community?

If you are reading this blog, then I know for sure that the world needs you. Don’t let the world blind you into thinking otherwise.


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