Defining Cleverness

I was trying to figure out how to define cleverness the other day.  I was coming up with all sorts of ideas and thoughts. But, it was too difficult for me to define it in a succinct way so I asked my girlfriend how she would define cleverness.  She immediately said: "It's having knowledge and… Continue reading Defining Cleverness


How To Tell When You’re Speaking To A Manager

"I'll Try" "I can't promise" "I'm not sure what my boss will say about that" "That's not possible" "We can't do that" "It's against policy" "I can't make someone else do their job" Managers avoid accountability and often believe they are powerless to make an impact in the world. Leaders however, seek out to be… Continue reading How To Tell When You’re Speaking To A Manager

What You’re Not Told

Businesses that were created five years ago faced a different set of challenges than the challenges they would have faced today.  They also would have dealt with a market place which looks very different than today. That's not to say it's easier or harder today.  It's just different. I think most people would be surprised… Continue reading What You’re Not Told

“Hey….What Languages Is Your App Written In?! What Should My App Use???” Here’s The Definitive Answer!

Entrepreneurs often discuss this topic ad nauseam.  It's often a tell that the entrepreneur in question has no idea about tech and is just trying to sound well-informed. My advice is this: If you are not technical then don't waste more than thirty minutes of your time worrying about what language your app should be… Continue reading “Hey….What Languages Is Your App Written In?! What Should My App Use???” Here’s The Definitive Answer!

Flattening The Bell Curve

The Bell Curve This is a bell curve and is what the world used to look like.  People used to watch the same movies and TV shows as one another, listen to the same songs on the radio as one another and even talk about the same topics as one another. Then the Internet happened.… Continue reading Flattening The Bell Curve

Should You Start A Business?

In my experience most people start a business to become rich.  However, during the course of starting a business most founders realise a deeper meaning and purpose in themselves.  Most of the time people who start a business realise that they actually started a business not just for money, but because they had a yearning… Continue reading Should You Start A Business?

This Is Why We Can Change The NHS

The people at the top of the NHS, it is widely thought, have it so easy.  If they just had the sense to engage with the public and front line staff then they could make things better, cheaper and more efficient. The people on the front lines of the NHS such as junior doctors, nurses… Continue reading This Is Why We Can Change The NHS