What You’re Not Told

Businesses that were created five years ago faced a different set of challenges than the challenges they would have faced today.  They also would have dealt with a market place which looks very different than today.

That’s not to say it’s easier or harder today.  It’s just different.

I think most people would be surprised by how level the playing field is for everyone.  Entrepreneurs who have been successful in the past will face the same challenges in the market place as first time entrepreneurs.  Sure, they may be better financed and have better connections.  But connections can be made and finance won’t save you when you don’t have something that the market actually wants.

What does this mean?  This means that there is only one “now” in business.  And as a result most books on business are irrelevant as they’re not talking about what the world looks like today, but what the world looked like when (or before!) the book was written.

As a result, realise that there is no guide to executing your idea and business plan.  There is no book that will tell you what to do next, there is no list of ingredients telling you the recipe for a successful startup, there isn’t a video that will tell you who to call next.

There is only “now”, you, your idea and your strategy.

And that’s all you need.


3 thoughts on “What You’re Not Told”

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