NHS Health Startup – Part Two

A late installment written in retrospect.  I fear that this blog will be more of a rant at the NHS than anything else. I am struck by the kindness and openness of people who work in the healthcare system in England.  The people who toil every day and are doing the important work - taking… Continue reading NHS Health Startup – Part Two

The Why, The What & The How

What's your Why? It doesn't matter what it is.  It could be that you want to help others, be the richest person in town, be the most knowledgeable, most caring, most outrageous... If you don't have a good Why, one that you are attached to deeply, you will use the What and the How as an excuse… Continue reading The Why, The What & The How

Influence & Yes! by Robert Cialdini

Influence or be influenced Double book review today! Both of these books will change your life!  These two books should be taught in all schools across the world.  Why?  Because they teach the basics of human interaction. Influencing people is something we do all day everyday.  You may disagree with the premise of the book… Continue reading Influence & Yes! by Robert Cialdini

Innovation Vs Entrepreneurship

Innovation = doing something new James Wright reacted boric acid with silicone oil in 1943.  This resulted in a rubbery substance which bounced when dropped, but was also stretchy and gooey.  Unfortunately, the substance would not hold it's shape.  As hard as Mr Wright tried to stabilise the substance to replace traditional rubber he couldn't.… Continue reading Innovation Vs Entrepreneurship

The One Secret to Getting Good At Anything

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbZmzFkq4TA Beethoven's 23rd Sonata, Third Movement I was playing the guitar the other day and found myself playing Beethoven's 23rd Sonata.  I hadn't played it in a very long time and memories of learning how to play it came flooding back.  I remembered recording a video of me playing a part of it a few… Continue reading The One Secret to Getting Good At Anything