Have You Arrived?

I had a really awkward experience the other day.

When I walked into the morning meeting at work everyone was talking about me for some reason.

Not in a bad way.

In a really good way.

They were talking about how I can speak several languages, can play the guitar, how I’m starting my new business and I’m nearly finishing my post grad training to boot!

You would’ve thought that this would have been a real ego boost.  But, it really wasn’t.  I was cringing inside.

In retrospect, what got me was that I am more proud of my potential future than my past.  I am more interested in my “future-o-graph” than my biography.  I am more interested and would rather talk about where I will be in five years time than where I was five years ago.

I never want to feel as though I have “arrived”.

Have you arrived?


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