Science Vs Entrepreneurship

The impression I got when I was in school was that everything had an answer.  If the answer wasn’t obvious then you could always look in the back of the book or ask someone for it.  There was always a “correct” answer out there somewhere.

The mirage of certainty fades away the higher up you get in education.  When I was in University we would often reach a point in discussions where there were no answers, just questions and ongoing research trying to find the truth.

That’s what science does.  It searches for an agreeable “truth” using a method which makes this “truth” undeniable.  However, “educated” people go on to believe that there is a truth out there, which is yet to be discovered, for pretty much everything…

In this respect, science seems to be the opposite to business and perhaps this goes some way to explain why very educated people tend to make bad entrepreneurs.

Science = searching for a “truth” that we can all agree with.

 Entrepreneurship = searching for a business to prove everyone else in the market place wrong.

For a new business to work and thrive, it has to be overlooked by everyone else in the market place – otherwise there would be no point in creating a new business.  This means that you have to bet on something that no one agrees would make a good business.  This means that since something new is being done, the journey of an entrepreneur will always be full of hurdles, uncertainty, nay sayers and risk.

Realise, that there’s no hero in this story.  

There are no large businesses that will come and help you, there is no waiting for that “big deal”, there is no person that will get the sale for you, there is no one to introduce you to new prospects.

It’s all up to you.


“But, Money Can’t Buy Happiness!!!”

It’s interesting to note that the most precious things in life are intangible.  They don’t have a price, they aren’t things that you can hold in your hands and without them life would be pretty meaningless.

Love, family, relationships, purpose, happiness….All intangible.

But there is one thing in life which is intangible, but money can buy.


Time is impossible to put a price on.  Your time is precious, non-refundable and once you’ve spent your finite time on this Earth it’s gone forever.

Your time is worth fighting for.  Too many people aren’t close to their family and friends, have missed their children’s first steps and words due to not having the time – usually as they’ve tied their time to a 9-5 job.

And for what?

People stick to those 9-5 jobs so that one day they can buy a mediocre car, a mediocre house and receive a mediocre pension so that they can live the rest of their lives out doing what mediocre people do (reading the news, getting angry at politicians, complaining about why their life sucks).

Don’t fall for the “But, money can’t buy happiness*” argument, because no one is arguing for it.  But realise that you can buy one of the most precious things in your life: your time.

And it’s worth fighting for.  Your life is valuable and you can have it back if you create enough value for the world.

*When I first started to have the idea of starting a business when I was a junior doctor, I would always face the “But, money doesn’t buy happiness!” argument from other doctors when discussing my business ideas.  For some reason here in the UK, pseudo-socialist middle class doctors who are in the upper percentiles of income, don’t like the idea of one of their colleagues becoming even richer, as that would just be wrong and socially unjust…  To paraphrase Orwell:

“It’s not because they love the poor, it’s because they hate the rich”

It’s a knee jerk argument/reaction on their part, because they’re not willing to think things and do things which would make them uncomfortable.  It’s a form of laziness and shouldn’t be taken seriously.