“But, Money Can’t Buy Happiness!!!”

It's interesting to note that the most precious things in life are intangible.  They don't have a price, they aren't things that you can hold in your hands and without them life would be pretty meaningless. Love, family, relationships, purpose, happiness....All intangible. But there is one thing in life which is intangible, but money can buy. Time. Time… Continue reading “But, Money Can’t Buy Happiness!!!”


This Is What Starting A Business Looks Like

Starting a startup is hard work.  It's a very different kind of "hard" work than what most jobs require.  It's not as difficult physically, as doing something like construction and it's not as intellectually demanding as something like medical school.  However it is emotionally and psychologically draining as there is so much uncertainty involved. Not only… Continue reading This Is What Starting A Business Looks Like