My girlfriend is also a junior doctor.  She still works shifts at the hospital and whenever I can, I pick her up from work.   We noticed that if her shift finishes at 5pm then I should aim to pick her up at 5.15pm otherwise I'd just be waiting around as she never finishes on… Continue reading Overtime


Dedication & Consistency

When I was around 13 years old I remember reading about how one of my favourite guitar players, Yngwie Malmsteen.  As a child he would fall asleep while playing the guitar.  He would play the guitar all day, everyday to the extent that his ribcage is now deformed as he literally grew up around the guitar.… Continue reading Dedication & Consistency

Innovation Is Dead

Just thinking about all those great scientists and doctors from the past is so inspiring!  Just in the last 100 years we've created the vaccine for polio, sent humans to the moon, the range of medications we have has vastly increased and then there's IT - the Internet is, in my opinion the next industrial… Continue reading Innovation Is Dead