What’s It All For?

One of the reasons so many people hate school and education is because of the lies that they were told when they were younger.

They were told that keeping their head down and not speaking up was a good thing.

They were told that they would be given a good job for the rest of their lives if they played by the rules.

They were told that embracing their uniqueness was a bad thing and were instead told to do the “right” subjects, play the “right” instruments and get into the “right” universities.

Now in the real world they realise that none of that stuff matters.  In the real world speaking up and being unique are precisely the characteristics you need, to be able to do the work that matters.


I’m just about to sit one of the last important exams of my medical career.

Here’s the lie: “It’ll make you a good doctor.”

Here’s the truth:  The exam only exists because it has to.  Because society and our regulating body demands it.


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