NHS Hacked! The Great FHIR Wall Of The NHS Is Broken.

It's ironic how badly the NHS has been affected by ransomware.  I've been having talks with people about this a lot recently. Right now my startup is jumping through hoops to comply with (outdated) data compliance issues and get access to the NHS N3 network, which is supposedly the NHS' secure server system.  The actual… Continue reading NHS Hacked! The Great FHIR Wall Of The NHS Is Broken.

Inventor Or Entrepreneur?

A common theme in this blog: Definitions are important. A lot of entrepreneurs I meet conflate these two terms in my opinion.  Entrepreneurs are not inventors of technology.  Entrepreneurs are problem solvers and sometimes we use new technology to solve problems.  But we don't go out to make new technology for the sake of making… Continue reading Inventor Or Entrepreneur?

Don’t Steal My Idea!

Should you tell anyone about your startup idea?  Some people like to keep things under wraps, whereas others talk about their ideas from day one.  I know super successful entrepreneurs on both sides of this fence.  But, I believe that if you are a first time entrepreneur it's best to get all your ideas out… Continue reading Don’t Steal My Idea!

Innovation With NHS Software

There are two ways in which Enterprises assess how valuable a piece of software could be to their organisation. The first is whether it can save money.  Save on staff costs, inefficiencies, wastage etc. The second is whether the software can make the organisation more money.  This is an order of magnitude better than saving… Continue reading Innovation With NHS Software