Innovation With NHS Software

There are two ways in which Enterprises assess how valuable a piece of software could be to their organisation.

The first is whether it can save money.  Save on staff costs, inefficiencies, wastage etc.

The second is whether the software can make the organisation more money.  This is an order of magnitude better than saving money and you will face a lot less resistance if you can create something which can increase revenues.

I think that this is one of the reasons Primary Care in the UK has so much more technology and innovation than secondary care.  Surgeries in the UK are ran like small businesses and the better the health outcomes and indicators that a practice can achieve, the more money they receive for their business.  Hospitals get allocated money on an as needed basis.  They don’t get rewarded with money in the same way Primary Care Businesses do.

If this is the case then where is the incentive for companies to make innovative products that make things better?  Companies are only incentivised to make things cheaper in Secondary Care.  The way to make things cheaper is usually to keep doing what you’re doing at a cheaper price point.  Doing something new means large implementation costs.

Unless increasing efficiency is baked into your product / service then I would say that the best course of action may not be to go for a market where innovation and making things better is not rewarded.

Is there a market where there is money and an opportunity for your startup?  Then that’s the market you should go for.


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