Trump & Brexit

The purpose of this blog is not to espouse any kind of ideology.  I just like to talk about ideas and document my random thoughts and insights.  So, although this post talks about some recent political events - it is not passing judgement on what people believe in or vote for. (I kind of hate… Continue reading Trump & Brexit


How Do I Find Out?

Before I started my startup I was under the illusion that there are companies out there that are truly innovative in every way.  Before I actually read about how Google works, I thought it was an organisation filled with geniuses having loads of fun. The reality is very different.  There is very little innovation in… Continue reading How Do I Find Out?

“Rich” People Are Actually Poor (And Thoughts About Startups)

There was an interesting article in the news today about how people who earn £70,000 and over are considered rich. I think that this is quite an accurate opinion and quite close to reality.  Statistically it is definitely nearer the top of the population in one of the wealthiest countries in the world.  What is… Continue reading “Rich” People Are Actually Poor (And Thoughts About Startups)

If Marcus Aurelius Were A Doctor

When a man kisses his child, said Epictetus, he should whisper to himself, "To-morrow perchance thou wilt die."- But those are words of bad omen.- "No word is a word of bad omen," said Epictetus, "which expresses any work of nature; or if it is so, it is also a word of bad omen to… Continue reading If Marcus Aurelius Were A Doctor

The Establishment Is Not The Market

Too many people confuse "The Establishment" with "The Market".  They are not the same thing and are not related to one another. If you think some old white dudes are your main barrier to becoming a success then be prepared to get your ass handed to you when your product or service hits the market.… Continue reading The Establishment Is Not The Market