Second Order Discovery

Introduction Second order thinking is hard.  It's not a natural way of thinking. First order thinking refers to the most simplistic method of analysis.  You can think of it as a form of thinking that most people engage in.  As most people have the same thoughts, which are automatic and go without any questioning, they… Continue reading Second Order Discovery


Artificial Un-Intelligence

Before I started my tech startup Artificial Intelligence (AI) really wasn't on my radar.  I was somewhat aware of autonomous driving vehicles, but apart from that I didn't see how AI was going to have an impact in my life. Even now when I meet with other tech entrepreneurs, the discussion surrounding AI often causes… Continue reading Artificial Un-Intelligence

The Establishment Is Not The Market

Too many people confuse "The Establishment" with "The Market".  They are not the same thing and are not related to one another. If you think some old white dudes are your main barrier to becoming a success then be prepared to get your ass handed to you when your product or service hits the market.… Continue reading The Establishment Is Not The Market