Mind Your Language!

Which column do you fall under?

Victim Proactive
  • There’s nothing I can do
  • That’s just the way I am
  • She makes me so mad
  • They won’t allow me to do that
  • I have to do that
  • I can’t
  • I must
  • If only
  • Let’s look at the alternatives
  • I can choose a different approach
  • I control my own feelings
  • I can create an effective presentation
  • I choose an appropriate response
  • I choose
  • I prefer
  • I will

Which column would you rather fall under?


2 thoughts on “Mind Your Language!”

  1. Invariably, reality settles between them so it ends up being: “There’s nothing I think we can do but let’s look at some alternatives” OR “She makes me so mad and is causing productivity issues, who else can do that job?” Being a cheerleader for the sake of cheer-leading helps NO-ONE. Being constructive is the key, you don’t always have to be nice about it.

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  2. I see what you mean.

    I think that most people tend to under estimate their control over certain situations though. It’s difficult to look at things objectively sometimes and I think it’s a good idea to step back and think about what really is under our control and what isn’t.

    A lot of people are reactive – a stimulus causes a predictable reaction. But we can all work on being more responsible (response-able) and create the narrative which would benefit us as individuals the most. Usually the narrative that would benefit individuals the most is that of someone who takes responsibility for their thoughts, actions and emotions.

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