Variables For Enterprise Software

Most enterprise software incumbents deliver a suite of products.  You want to use one bit of their product?  Well your only option is to buy it all. Incumbents predicate their success on this model.  It's the way they got to the top and that's how they want to keep it.  They like to work in… Continue reading Variables For Enterprise Software


Being Young, Poor And Unkown

In large organisations and large businesses the state of technology is generally far behind the consumer world.  I think that in the next decade the enterprise world is going to be revolutionised with software in the same way that the consumer world has been.  Enterprise software is also a lot more lucrative than consumer software… Continue reading Being Young, Poor And Unkown

The Market Doesn’t Care…

The market doesn't care about what colour you are. The market doesn't care about where you came from. The market doesn't care what sex you are. The market doesn't care if you think you're clever. They market doesn't care what you look like. The market doesn't care about your political beliefs. The market doesn't care… Continue reading The Market Doesn’t Care…

Metrics Of Life

In the startup scene there's a saying: "You build what you measure". If for example your startup is measuring number of new registrations, then you'll end up building and iterating in a way that makes that metric go up.  However, if you stop measuring this metric and concentrate on something else, you may find that… Continue reading Metrics Of Life

Hating Groups of People

Because of the state of the NHS, doctors are often written about in the news.  It's no secret that working conditions for doctors in the NHS (whether junior or senior) are really bad and seem to be deteriorating rapidly with time. Shifts where you have to cover hundreds of sick patients by yourself is not… Continue reading Hating Groups of People

Disruption In Three Simple Steps

Think carefully before starting your business about a product that has the potential to grow into many different areas and eat away at the large incumbent businesses. Create a hyper focused niche product that can solve a problem for a lot of people, but not so many people that an incumbent organisation would be interested… Continue reading Disruption In Three Simple Steps

Resist Or Desist?

One thing I've noticed is that stuff never happens the way you thought it would. If you're taking a risk and pursuing something important to you, chances are things will go wrong in ways you couldn't have even envisioned. The thing is that if you try and live your life as safe as possible, consciously… Continue reading Resist Or Desist?