Hating Groups of People

Because of the state of the NHS, doctors are often written about in the news.  It's no secret that working conditions for doctors in the NHS (whether junior or senior) are really bad and seem to be deteriorating rapidly with time. Shifts where you have to cover hundreds of sick patients by yourself is not… Continue reading Hating Groups of People


The Instructions Will Kill You

"You will be part of the crash team and if you are the first on the scene will need to lead the cardiac arrest scenario" "You will be involved in the major trauma calls and carry out procedures such as chest drains etc." "If a patient turns violent then you must press the panic button… Continue reading The Instructions Will Kill You

The Worst Thing That Could Happen to a Doctor

Being a GP is tricky because anything could walk through your door.  My yesterday evening clinic for example had a mother who presented with inflamed polymorphic eruption of pregnancy, a patient who had been bitten by insects while gardening, a patient with a flare up of her rheumatoid arthritis, a one year old with viral… Continue reading The Worst Thing That Could Happen to a Doctor

“Let’s Have a Meeting About It”

Junior doctors rotate this month.  The new graduates will start work and the people a bit higher up the ladder will move on to other places. This is a bit of a chaotic time in the hospital and stressful for the whole department.  Usually it is a cacophony of going to inductions, trying to get… Continue reading “Let’s Have a Meeting About It”

More Strikes

As a junior doctor I can tell you that there are a lot of issues with the imposition of the new Junior Doctor contract and they should be thought about carefully, because otherwise you could potentially harm the healthy of a great many people. Concerns such as discrimination against women, cutting pay for those who work… Continue reading More Strikes