How To Destroy The NHS In Five Easy Steps!

Mr Hunt makes yet another appearance on my blog! :p So, I could spend my time ranting at/about Mr Hunt.  There are plenty of reasons to do so.  Yesterday he announced that he will be making doctors work for at least four years in the NHS after they graduate.  Obviously, this is a really lame… Continue reading How To Destroy The NHS In Five Easy Steps!

NHS Innovation Expo & Updates!

Sorry it's been a bit quiet around here guys!  It's been really busy for the last couple of weeks! Essentially, I've got a lot of frogs in my bowl at the moment and I'm trying to make sure that nothing jumps out! I've been studying for an exam I will be doing in October.  If… Continue reading NHS Innovation Expo & Updates!

Are We Going Around In Circles?

I was having induction at my new Family Practice a month ago.  This was so I understood how the practice worked before I started seeing my patients on my own. Insanely insightful seeing all these patients go on their journey after being seen by the doctor.  Doctors have to collect data and trial a lot of… Continue reading Are We Going Around In Circles?

“Let’s Have a Meeting About It”

Junior doctors rotate this month.  The new graduates will start work and the people a bit higher up the ladder will move on to other places. This is a bit of a chaotic time in the hospital and stressful for the whole department.  Usually it is a cacophony of going to inductions, trying to get… Continue reading “Let’s Have a Meeting About It”

First They Tell You What to Think, Then They Tell You What to Say

I got mad consultation skillz It happened the other day.  I felt like I was sat amongst cyborgs sent from the future - trained to diagnose and investigate.  Lean mean treating machines. Not many patients realise this, but primary care physicians are trained to communicate with their patients in a very specific way.  We are… Continue reading First They Tell You What to Think, Then They Tell You What to Say