“Let’s Have a Meeting About It”

Junior doctors rotate this month.  The new graduates will start work and the people a bit higher up the ladder will move on to other places.

This is a bit of a chaotic time in the hospital and stressful for the whole department.  Usually it is a cacophony of going to inductions, trying to get parking sorted out, getting used to all the new systems you have to use, orientating yourself in the new department etc etc.

Somewhere along the line you’re also meant to do your job, namely making sure people don’t die.

There was a moment this morning during handover, when the Consultants (Attendings for those in the US), looked at each other and asked if they knew who was actually going to join them on the wards the day the switch over occurs.  It seemed that somehow with all the different inductions they have to go to there may not actually be any Junior Doctors on the ward where they are most needed!

One of the Consultants looked around the room and said: “Let’s have a meeting about it”.

This was followed by a long pause and then…….”Ok, next week…..”

You see, when people at work say “let’s have a meeting”.  It actually means one of two things:

  1. Who is to blame for this mess.
  2. Who wants to put their hand up and take responsibility for next time.

Well, I’m glad I won’t be around for that meeting as I too will be rotating on this week.  But it is a nice reminder as to why I wouldn’t want to continue as a hospital doctor.

Adieu, my friends.


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