It Will Hurt

Life is like a chronic disease.  Chronic diseases are often indolent, progress slowly and culminate in a disastrous event which could kill you.

Look at heart attacks.  The vast majority occur because of an unhealthy lifestyle.  You might not even realise what you are doing to yourself.  A pizza here, a cookie there, a few extra drinks from time to time.  But over time the lack of exercise and poor diet leads to a build up of gunk clogging your arteries and then bam, you end up having a heart attack or a stroke…

It’s hard in the moment to understand what you are doing to yourself.  In the moment right now you can look at yourself and feel quite content.  You have your health, an ok job, you feel generally…ok…

It’s hard to understand what could happen to you in 30 years time.

Will you wake up one day when you’re sixty years old and look back at your life and think “I could’ve done that” or “I could’ve been this”.

You don’t think about this in the moment because your life is “ok”.  But you have to wake up and realise that you need a path, that you should be doing something to get to where you want to be.

There is an urgency here.

If you do not take action, that day of reckoning will come and when it does, just like a heart attack, it will be painful.


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