NHS Health Startup Part III – The Dinosaurs

It’s the age old saga.

Seth Godin often talks about the music industry.  It used to be perfect.  In the 1960s you could buy a record and if you used it too much you’d have to buy another one to replace it.  If you lent it to a friend, you wouldn’t have a copy anymore so you’d buy another one.  You’d turn on the TV and watch MTV to watch new music and drive down to the record store listening to the radio to pick up a record that Rolling Stones Magazine had told you to buy.

The whole system was perfect.  Every part of the supply chain was owned by the music industry.

The music industry was destroyed by the Internet in 3-5 years.  Now there is more music being created with more listeners than ever before.  Now there are infinite opportunities to get your work out there.

What matters in the music industry now is connection.  Being able to connect with your fans and giving them what they want.  The fans want ownership with the music they listen to as they identify with that musician and that tribe.

The music executives who did not foster this relationship are long gone.

It’s not just the music industry.  After Wikipedia has anyone ever seen an Encyclopaedia?

After Netflix and YouTube we are more and more watching what we want when we want and without adverts!


It seems that unfortunately, the Primary Care IT software providers in England seem to still think that they are in the 60s.

I have been knocking on every door I have been able to, to try and get my hands on these things called APIs.  They would allow my software to “speak” with existing software that is already being used.

I had no idea that this was such a big deal!  I mean you would’ve thought that in a healthcare system which is serving pretty much everyone in the country that these would be quite readily available, open source and open to scrutiny.

But it’s not!

And it’s a really big deal!  This is pretty much the reason the IT systems in the NHS suck so much!  Only 5% of patients currently use Primary Care online services at present.  The goal set by the government is to get this up to 10% by 2020.

Erm…..how many people use FaceBook in England again?  Everyone and their granny are on it now.  Online services are not a new scary thing anymore.

The fact is that dealing with Emis and SystemOne (who are the main providers of software) has been super difficult so far.

They do not seem to understand that empowering its users and patients will place their companies in a more favourable position.  I really feel that this is just like dealing with the 1960s music industry.

They have no engagement with the actual users of their system who want to tailor it for the needs of their patients and improve the care they receive.

We’ve seen it time and time again throughout history that companies with this attitude often fail and fail hard as they loose the trust of those using it.

Please check out this video by OpenGPSoC, who describe exactly what the future of Primary Care software will look like and hopefully pretty soon!

“We’ve not had a new entrant into the GP market now for 25 years….”


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