NHS Health Startup – Part Two

A late installment written in retrospect.  I fear that this blog will be more of a rant at the NHS than anything else.

I am struck by the kindness and openness of people who work in the healthcare system in England.  The people who toil every day and are doing the important work – taking care of patients – have amazing, valuable insights into what needs to change and what differences would have a big positive impact.

However, trying to make change happen in the NHS is a nightmare.

It’s almost as if it’s designed to suppress innovation and deter insights.

Right now I am trying to talk with existing software companies who provide services to the NHS to supply us with information (which is meant to be available according to law) we need to build our piece of software.

Every avenue we are exploring to do this has been coming to a dead end so far.

This is an obstacle, but I must find a way through.


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