If you look at an exponential growth curve close up, it looks linear.

I’ve found that time distorts reality in a number of ways.  If only you could zoom out and look at that graph over a larger period of time, then you could clearly see if you’re on to something big or not.

Time also distorts your perception of what’s important and what isn’t.  It only becomes crystal clear further down the line.

I’ve noticed that in a startup it’s really really hard to stay focused as there seems to be so much to do.  It becomes easy to forget about what’s really important.  In these instances it’s always good to go back to first principles:  Make something that your customers love.

That’s it – nothing else.

That meeting with the VCs can wait if you’re not actively raising money, you don’t need to go chasing that partnership if you haven’t made an awesome product yet, you don’t need to go to networking events if it’s going to distract you.  Just make something your customers love.


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