The Right Size

Why is it that no one ever says that Cambridge University should "scale" to serve more people or "disrupt" the education system*?  Does anyone really think that Cambridge University should start a "franchise" and open up shop all across England or America? Why is it then that when people look at their own businesses "growth" and… Continue reading The Right Size


“Disruption” Is For Fools

Every week there seems to be a news story on how an app has been developed to "disrupt" the healthcare industry.  I despise what this term has come to mean and as soon as I hear someone say it, I know I'm speaking with a fool. "The Uber of Healthcare!" "The Amazon of prescription drugs!"… Continue reading “Disruption” Is For Fools

Disruption In Three Simple Steps

Think carefully before starting your business about a product that has the potential to grow into many different areas and eat away at the large incumbent businesses. Create a hyper focused niche product that can solve a problem for a lot of people, but not so many people that an incumbent organisation would be interested… Continue reading Disruption In Three Simple Steps