Dedication & Consistency

When I was around 13 years old I remember reading about how one of my favourite guitar players, Yngwie Malmsteen.  As a child he would fall asleep while playing the guitar.  He would play the guitar all day, everyday to the extent that his ribcage is now deformed as he literally grew up around the guitar.… Continue reading Dedication & Consistency

Innovation Is Dead

Just thinking about all those great scientists and doctors from the past is so inspiring!  Just in the last 100 years we've created the vaccine for polio, sent humans to the moon, the range of medications we have has vastly increased and then there's IT - the Internet is, in my opinion the next industrial… Continue reading Innovation Is Dead

How To Destroy The NHS In Five Easy Steps!

Mr Hunt makes yet another appearance on my blog! :p So, I could spend my time ranting at/about Mr Hunt.  There are plenty of reasons to do so.  Yesterday he announced that he will be making doctors work for at least four years in the NHS after they graduate.  Obviously, this is a really lame… Continue reading How To Destroy The NHS In Five Easy Steps!

There’s A Revolution

There's a revolution happening..... Right now, you have the same access to connections as the biggest and best corporations in the world.  You can literally find anyone through the internet and if you can bring value to them, you can build real connections. Right now, you have access to your own media company.  You can broadcast… Continue reading There’s A Revolution