NHS Startup Part VIII – Approval

Unbelievably we are still on track to launch by the end of this month!

Quite a lot has happened since the last update.  We will be launching in Hull which is a tier two commissioned region.  This means that a lot of the services which are commissioned (or bought) in that region are actually bought by NHS England.  This has meant that we have had to get our software approved by NHS England which has all gone through now.  This is a green light for us to basically go ahead.

We have a couple more hoops to jump through – getting approved by the IT lead and getting approved by the information governance lead of the Hull CCG.  This shouldn’t really be a problem as we were originally going to launch in Leeds and our product has already been approved by the Leeds west CCG IT and information governance leads there.   So there shouldn’t really be any reason why this would be a problem in Hull.

Apart from getting approval I have also been having discussions with one of my mentors – Maureen Gaudin.  She’s a super successful business lady and has been involved in lots of different industries.  Her advice is really invaluable and getting mentoring on business models, investments, product range etc etc has been really insightful and helpful.  I feel like I don’t really deserve her time though!  I’m still in such an early stage of my startup!  I’m just super grateful that she’s even giving me any of her time!

Not much longer to go till we launch!  So excited!

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