If you are making a tough decision, one way to know that you are making the correct decision is if your options increase. For example if you are wondering whether you should go to University or not, it is probably worth considering whether you will have more options at the end of your course, or… Continue reading Optionality


If It Looks & Swims & Quacks Like A Duck, It Might Not Be A Duck

I was shocked at what the pyramids looked like up close when I went to Egypt.  I always thought that they'd be smooth* on the outside.  But when I got up close to them they were made of very large stones. Pyramids of Giza More recently I found out that many of the Greek and… Continue reading If It Looks & Swims & Quacks Like A Duck, It Might Not Be A Duck

Make It Count

Easy Wins Don't Count If someone gets the grades by cheating or gets that promotion because their dad is the boss then it doesn't count.  They know it and everyone else knows it.  What's more, because they didn't earn it they have no character, integrity or insight.  They haven't learnt how to work with people, how to bring… Continue reading Make It Count

The Process

People focus on events. Whether it's when someone sells their company for tens of millions, or when someone wins gold at the Olympics, or when someone graduates from a prestigious University with a good degree; people focus on the event. What they don't focus on is the process. The process is the hours of work, of… Continue reading The Process

Give Yourself Permission To Fail

"Today you're going to listen to some music, then pair up with someone and then make a piece of music to play in front of the rest of the class." Everyone loved music lessons at school.  Even the people who sucked and had no musical talent whatsoever.  Usually at the end of the lesson the… Continue reading Give Yourself Permission To Fail