The Process

People focus on events.

Whether it’s when someone sells their company for tens of millions, or when someone wins gold at the Olympics, or when someone graduates from a prestigious University with a good degree; people focus on the event.

What they don’t focus on is the process.

The process is the hours of work, of focused practice that the person had to go through.  All the sacrifice they had to make and all the things they had to say no to to achieve something worth mentioning is the process.

It’s easy to put it down to luck.  That means it’s not our fault.  Putting it down to luck lets us off the hook.  It’s comforting to think that the world is mean and some people are just born a certain way.  Maybe they look the right way or they have the right parents?

However, the process doesn’t lie.  The process is what stands between you and the event.


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