Independence & Responsibility

My father is from India and my mother is from Bangladesh.  When I go to visit my family in those parts of the world it's interesting to see how close everyone is to one another. I remember one time I went to Bangladesh after not having visited for over ten years and I was getting really irritated by… Continue reading Independence & Responsibility

How To Make Money

I was very scared when I was 19 years old. I had just committed to paying several hundred thousand pounds, move to a different country where I didn't even speak the language and ended up working over 80 hours a week.  I literally had no time to eat a lot of the time and spent… Continue reading How To Make Money

Maleficence & Beneficence

I really don't think the majority of the people out there understand what happens in hospitals. Most people haven't got a clue. The number of parents that come in with their babies and toddlers because they're having diarrhoea and vomiting and demand treatment is astounding. The number of relatives that demand that their elderly relative receives "the works",… Continue reading Maleficence & Beneficence

Fiber Intake Rules!

MyFitnessPal - Get this app! If you are trying to lose weight, gain weight, maintain weight then this app is a must.  Tracking calories and macronutrients are key to achieving your fitness goals. I will talk about macronutrients, what they are and what the significance of having each in your diet is in the future. … Continue reading Fiber Intake Rules!

The Touch

I saw an interesting patient today. A mother brought in her baby.  She was lethargic, not eating or drinking very much, apyrexial (temperature not high when seen in the paediatric department) and no rashes. After taking the history I went on to examine her. She seemed lethargic on the examining table, not responding quite right.… Continue reading The Touch

The Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster

Granted, I am only a year away from finishing my postgraduate degree when I will be considered a "senior medical physician".  However, for the time being I am still a "junior doctor". As part of my training scheme I have been changing specialties to gain further experience in different fields of medicine every 4-6 months.… Continue reading The Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster

People Are Leaving the NHS

People are leaving the National Health Service (NHS) in droves. There is widespread discontent amongst staff.  Not just physicians, but the whole gamut of healthcare providers. Yesterday I wrote about how paying people more and more is not the solution to getting them to be more productive.  It is also not the way to retain… Continue reading People Are Leaving the NHS