Maleficence & Beneficence

really don’t think the majority of the people out there understand what happens in hospitals.

Most people haven’t got a clue.

The number of parents that come in with their babies and toddlers because they’re having diarrhoea and vomiting and demand treatment is astounding.

The number of relatives that demand that their elderly relative receives “the works”, while in hospital irregardless of the poor quality of life their relative will endure is often just plain cruel.

Intubation – sticking a tube in through the mouth, into the lungs and letting a machine breathe for you is not nice.

Chest compressions – which are at least 5-6 cm deep if done properly and ultimately result in several broken ribs is not nice.

Sticking a nasogastric tube in your baby because a parent has not really tried to sit with them and really try to get some fluids down is not nice!



A nasogastric tube is a tube which goes in through the nose, down the food pipe and into the stomach

I really feel that people do not think about why doctors are trying really hard to not do blood tests, intravenous cannulation, inserting urinary catheters, carrying out more and more invasive tests and starting treatments.  It’s because everything can cause harm.

No medicine is often better than medicine if it will cause less harm.  These are two of the four pillars of medical ethics: maleficence and beneficence.


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