Are Your E-Mails Making You Look Like A Douche Bag?

Why is it that when we receive E-Mails from large organisations there is a threatening message attached to the bottom?

Here is an image of an E-Mail I received when I used to work as a doctor in the Emergency Department:


No doubt this footer was cooked up by a room full of overpaid lawyers and consultants covering their own back.

What type of message are you sending your clients when you send E-Mails like this?  If you are sending an E-Mail like this are you building trust and connection?  Or is this a way of hiding?

Perhaps it’s an easy way to not take any responsibility for how you come across, what you stand for and what you say…

Here’s a better footer template, which my company uses.  No, it’s not cooked up by a bunch of overpaid lawyers, but by someone who actually gives a damn about what he stands for*.


This message was hand typed by “ENTER NAME” from “ENTER COMPANY NAME” who cares about your thoughts and feelings.  

Please feel free to disclose, copy and distribute the contents of this E-Mail as you see fit.  If there is anything at all we can help you with, then please hit the “reply” button.  We look forward to hearing from you again! 



*….Erm, I was talking about me if you didn’t guess already. :p


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