Reasons To Start A Business

A lot of people start a business for good reasons.  So that they can be their own boss, to make more money, to make a difference and have an impact in the world (you can debate how true each one of these things actually is, but this isn’t what I want to address today).

What I find more interesting however is that a lot of millionaire entrepreneurs that I have met are actually not fulfilled or happy.

They’re likely not fulfilled due to the same reasons that a lot of doctors and other professionals in the NHS are not fulfilled.  The reason is because a lot of entrepreneurs fell into their careers by accident.  It isn’t what they thought it would be like and it’s not what they really want to keep on doing.  However, the pain of leaving it behind and doing something else is probably too much to bear.

It seems like if you want to stay sane while building a business one of the main things you should have is vision and working due to a higher purpose, instead of just doing it for money or fame.


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