Epic Rant – The Maiden And The Hare

I was going through my subscribed list on WordPress the other day and noticed that most bloggers I followed have stopped blogging after only a few posts.

Three questions spring to mind:

  1. I wonder if these bloggers would quit if they had tens of thousands of followers and likes on their posts?
  2. I wonder if they would continue to blog if they could possibly be a successful blogger if they continued for 7 plus years.
  3. I wonder if they would continue to blog if I could guarantee that they’d be a successful blogger if they continued for 7 plus years.

I bet the answers to these questions would vary massively.  Most people want a guarantee.

This is why people fail.

They fail because they quit.

People fail because they want a guarantee of success.  If they don’t have that guarantee then they tend to not stick it out through the rough times.  They don’t stick around for the times when no one gives a damn about what they have to say and don’t give a damn about what they’ve done so far.  And why should others care?  People aren’t as special as they tend to think of themselves.

“At first, then, exhibit the coyness of a maiden, until the enemy gives you an opening; afterwards emulate the rapidity of a running hare, and it will be too late for the enemy to oppose you.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War

In life there has to be a time when you keep your head down, obey orders and commands to learn your craft.  When I graduated from medical school, I accepted that I knew very little in comparison to other doctors who knew a lot more than me.  Voicing your opinion on how things should be run and organised as a nobody makes you come across as a douche bag.

I’ve spent over a decade involved in healthcare (from the time I started medical school up to this point in time) and before that, I was surrounded by medicine because so many of my relatives are doctors.

Only now am I writing a blog and starting a healthcare company.  Before this time, I kept my mouth shut and studied my craft.

It is shocking the number of people who don’t put in the grind and hustle and yet expect the world to take note of what they have to say.  Let me tell you something – the world doesn’t care unless you’ve provided something of actual value.  No one will listen to you unless you have credibility, which will be apparent in your actions, character, network and public standing.

Be the maiden and then the hare.

Rant over.


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