Innovation Vs Entrepreneurship

Innovation = doing something new James Wright reacted boric acid with silicone oil in 1943.  This resulted in a rubbery substance which bounced when dropped, but was also stretchy and gooey.  Unfortunately, the substance would not hold it's shape.  As hard as Mr Wright tried to stabilise the substance to replace traditional rubber he couldn't.… Continue reading Innovation Vs Entrepreneurship

NHS Health Startup – Part One

So have an off day today from work, so I packed it full of things to do to get my idea/first start up off of the ground.  I originally started this blog to keep people in the loop and let people see how I overcome each obstacle on my way to starting my first startup as… Continue reading NHS Health Startup – Part One

People Are Leaving the NHS

People are leaving the National Health Service (NHS) in droves. There is widespread discontent amongst staff.  Not just physicians, but the whole gamut of healthcare providers. Yesterday I wrote about how paying people more and more is not the solution to getting them to be more productive.  It is also not the way to retain… Continue reading People Are Leaving the NHS

Decoding the DNA of the Entrepreneur

I don't know about you, but I always envisioned entrepreneurs to be these kind of lone warriors - total outlaws who have carved their own path with their innate genius and sheer force of will. Richard Branson's first successful business was his magazine business at age 18. Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook at age 20. Bill Gates dropped out… Continue reading Decoding the DNA of the Entrepreneur

NHS Health Innovation & Meeting Professor Tony Young!!! :)

People that know me know that I'm always thinking and talking about the future of healthcare and what it may look like. The thing that excites me about technology and innovation is how whole industries have been completely disrupted in recent times. The internet has put dozens of companies out of business.  Amazon for example… Continue reading NHS Health Innovation & Meeting Professor Tony Young!!! 🙂