Innovation With NHS Software

There are two ways in which Enterprises assess how valuable a piece of software could be to their organisation. The first is whether it can save money.  Save on staff costs, inefficiencies, wastage etc. The second is whether the software can make the organisation more money.  This is an order of magnitude better than saving… Continue reading Innovation With NHS Software

How Do I Find Out?

Before I started my startup I was under the illusion that there are companies out there that are truly innovative in every way.  Before I actually read about how Google works, I thought it was an organisation filled with geniuses having loads of fun. The reality is very different.  There is very little innovation in… Continue reading How Do I Find Out?


I find it really interesting how rules and regulations often stop people from doing important work.  Everyone knows how it often stands in the way of justice, of positive change and innovation. Looking at countries instead of organisations is an interesting thought experiment.  The countries which have the longest democratic history are the countries with… Continue reading Regulations

Disruption Looks Like A Toy

When the first iPhone was released it was flown over to Nokia headquarters.  One of the divisions in Nokia had already been working on a similar product and was asking for some more money to develop it further.  One of the executives held the iPhone up and asked the fatal rhetorical question: "What's their market share?"… Continue reading Disruption Looks Like A Toy

How To Evaluate Business Ideas

First off, I'd just like to mention that ideas are worthless.  Anyone can have an idea - it doesn't mean a thing.  Execution of the idea is king. If I went to Elon Musk and gave him a rubbish idea, I can guarantee that he would make it into a million (if not a billion!) dollar business. If… Continue reading How To Evaluate Business Ideas

Innovation Is Dead

Just thinking about all those great scientists and doctors from the past is so inspiring!  Just in the last 100 years we've created the vaccine for polio, sent humans to the moon, the range of medications we have has vastly increased and then there's IT - the Internet is, in my opinion the next industrial… Continue reading Innovation Is Dead

NHS Hacks

What happens when clinicians working in the NHS collide with coders and software developers?  Awesome stuff is what! That's the whole point of NHS Hacks - different fields working together in a "hackathon" to create a working prototype of an idea which could really improve patient care. The hackathon starts off with clinicians pitching an… Continue reading NHS Hacks

NHS Startup Part VI – Screw It, Let’s Do It

I've just given the green light to my developers to go ahead and start building our product. It was a bank holiday weekend the last three days and each night I've been tossing and turning.  So many thoughts go through your head when you're about to sink most of your savings into a project. But… Continue reading NHS Startup Part VI – Screw It, Let’s Do It

NHS Health Startup Part III – The Dinosaurs

It's the age old saga. Seth Godin often talks about the music industry.  It used to be perfect.  In the 1960s you could buy a record and if you used it too much you'd have to buy another one to replace it.  If you lent it to a friend, you wouldn't have a copy anymore… Continue reading NHS Health Startup Part III – The Dinosaurs